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The Last Day's of the world (Study of James- Part 20)

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The Last Day’s of the world (Study of James- Part 20) In the bible we see many things that will take place in the last days. Before Jesus come’s back to the world to take his people with him and sends everyone else to hell, there many things that will take place. Many of those things have happened, people believe. Here we will see something the book of James says, that will happen, and is happening right now, in our day of age.


Now listen, you rich peo...

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Submitting to God- (Study of James- Part 18)

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Last week I wrote a sermon that had a false teaching in it and didn’t line up with bible. I am sorry. I am still a young man of God and still learning step by step. When I wrote that we should take Good and bad desire’s out of our lives, I mint only bad desire’s. I don’t know why I said Good. God gives us Desire’s to fulfill what he has us or wants us to fulfill.

Please pray for me, I’m about to enter another trail.

Let’s see what god...

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Good V.S. Evil Wisdom (Study of James- Part 17)

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Did you know, there are 2 types of Wisdom? A good wisdom and a evil wisdom. Each can do great things. can i start of and tell you that we need the good wisdom, that is alone found in our Lord Jesus Christ, all else wisdom apart of of Lord, is from the evilness within us that the devil comes and put’s in us. Yet me teach you really fast about each one.


How can you know if your wisdom is Good or evil?

1) By our deeds. Evil Deeds, show we what evil Wisdom. good Dee...

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Power of the Tongue- (Study of James- 16)

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In all history, within everything that is great in power, the tongue is seen time and time again to have great power. It can have the power to kill and the power to save. How great is the tongue? Its so great, but so small, it can move a nation to be rich or to be pure. By the tongue, German became a country that killed Jews, and by the tongue, German became free. By the tongue, a judge can send you free, or have you put to death. By the tongue, God sets the free, and God sends to hell those ...

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To Teachers/ Preachers/ Pastors- (Study of James Part 15)

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When I was reading the book of James, very slowly and carefully, to get all the information, I came across something that scared me. I highlighted the verses and put the word “Scary” over them. These are the verses below, in which I highlighted.


  Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.  We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is per...

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"Shown Faith" V.S. "Say Faith" (Study of James- Part 14)

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Many people in the church (which is the body of Christ. Those who are saved) love to say that they are Christian’s and there saved. The love saying that and with there same mouth they speak of evil things to. There faith is worthless, according to what Jesus and James and Paul and the rest of the bible says. There faith is a say faith, not a shown faith.

A shown faith is one that you go and how you live you life, in good and right standing with God and you walked away from your si...

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