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Started: March 15, 2013
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I'm not going to act all ministry like, but simply tell you the truth.

I need a $3000/month. This will go toward a place of living and also food, water, electic, the basic needs.

My dream, hope, desire, plan, whatever you want to call it, is to be a full time minister. That can't happen though, unless i'm working day and night, maybe that will help pay for rent (Apartment), but even then i'll need the basic other things.

I want to go to New Jersey, start a public ministry there, the one you see online, I want to bring offline to the streets. Get a building and get things going.

Now I've been trying to save up for last 12 month's, but it just not working out, since I'm making min. wage and getting low hours. I saved up $2000 so far, rest went to bills and food. I need help yall.

Please help me become a Full Time Minister. It would mean the world to me, to finally be-able to reach people for Christ with each minute i'm living on this earth.